A descendant of the Aztec Indians of Mexico, Ricardo Alarcón migrated to the United States in 2002 after representing Mayan culture for more than a decade at Xcaret, Mexico’s popular ecological park located in the Mayan Riviera. A featured soloist and lead choreographer, Alarcón also revived and presented the sacred Mayan Ballgame, “Juego de Pelota”, still enjoyed by thousands of tourists daily.

With deep understanding and respect for ancient tradition passed to him by his ancestors, Ricardo Alarcón began Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts in 2004. His exquisite wardrobe designs are authentically handcrafted with all natural materials and have won international acclaim from distinguished cultural experts.



Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts' festive dance performances to native music represent key historical and cultural elements of the Maya, delighting audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Ricardo Alarcón is also a dedicated leader in the revival of the sacred Mayan Ballgame and shares his passion for the original team sport at his Master Classes and at Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts' thrilling Mayan Ballgame Exhibitions. With his unique knowledge of the ancient ball-making process, Ricardo Alarcón is one of the only remaining skilled players actively teaching the sport.

“Mayan history and culture is not lost. It is alive and displayed today in special places around the world. I feel so proud to share my history and art at these amazing and beautiful sites.”  - Ricardo Alarcón.


ricardo alarcon

Artistic Director